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The Products & Prototypes Track is intended to showcase implementations of innovative IT artifacts (e.g., software, models, methods).  Submissions for the Products & Prototypes Track should comprise the following sections in no more than 5 pages:

  • Introduction
  • Design of the artifact (e.g. goals, features, scenarios, users, design process)
  • Evaluation of the artifact (e.g. lab study, field study, conceptual evaluation)
  • Significance of the artifact to research and practice (e.g., innovativeness, usefulness)
  • Significance to practice (e.g., usefulness of the artifact)
  • If possible, links to an implementation of the artifact, video or other demonstration.

Accepted submission will be published in the DESRIST conference proceedings (Springer LNCS). For formatting guidelines for accepted papers, please see paper submission guidelines.

Please submit products and prototypes directly to

Paul Ralph:
University of Auckland

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